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Service public Wallonie: an e-learning platform for the representatives of municipalities and CPAS

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The e-Mandat

For the second time, Wallonia organised successfully local and provincial elections. Here some 7000 representatives newly elected full of projects. But are they well grounded? Wallonia planned everything…

In 2006, further to local elections, a Welcome Pack had been created for all representatives. The goal: get up or bring them up to speed in the basic matters governing local authorities that they are required to manage. But, the system used, a slideshow orally commented by the specialists of the subjects has become obsolete.

In 2012, we needed a more interactive and fast updatable tool. The project was created within the local government legislation and foresight department. The project manager, Enida Duderija, started by informing herself about the various existing experiences of e-learning. Then, a public market was launched for the technical realisation and the execution. And the train started.

First, with the constitution of a content experts team within the DGO 5. The experts proposed texts which were reviewed, re-read, remodified, rechecked in close cooperation with the e-learning’ professionals and the colleagues of the DGO 5 external directors. This “expert” team – two dozen of people – must be capable of being reactivated for updating. There are often changes: legal grades reform, supervision reform, new developments in terms of public market…

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Online training

Available online since December 2012, the training offers representatives a whole series of subjects: the overall functioning of municipalities and CPAS, public markets, local public finances, local public function, etc.

e-mandatThe texts are written in a direct and precise style. Many applications make the concepts understanding easier: tables, audio commentaries, diagrams. Interactive activities allow the user to take part actively in his training. Support learning elements, like glossary, make a quick search easier. Each subject is addressed from the perspective of the local and CPAS representative. The goal is to make e-Mandat a real partner that accompanies the representative in his daily work.

The last representatives’ show was an opportunity to present the tool and, for some people, to test their knowledge on the basis of an interactive quiz. Every representative was personally invited to discover the platform. E-Mandat team offers a helpdesk to help them to take their first steps. “We have a lot of questions about the content rather than the tool, reveals Enida. It is unexpected. These questions were asked before from other sources.”

We do not plan to expand the tool to others audiences than the representatives.
Marilyn Bossart (DGO 5)


The eMandat platform is available to the audiences of provinces, intermunicipal, and Associations Chapitre XII.

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Local government legislation and foresight department
Foresight and local authorities’ development management.

Contact : Enida DUDERIJA, project manager

Tél. : 081 32 32 73