The Gaming Commission: “I appreciated their creativity and management’s quality”

Le FOREM: “the entertaining and educational activities were stimulating and creative”

The context

The head of the educational development of the FOREM gathers, since January 2012, three departments divided previously into 2 directions: the training of trainers’ department, the skills pole, the remote training department.

The project

To create a synergy and a common vision within the team (Team Building), the head of the educational development wants to organise a sharing and thinking day that will gather all the members of the team. suggested the FOREM to lead and inject dynamism into this day thanks to entertaining and educational activities (ALP). We were responsible for the smooth progress of the meeting, the debates management, the participants speaking time… The ALP allow the participants to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

The theme

The Europe’s 2020 strategy (according to the Bruges’ release) has strongly impacted the strategies and priorities of the FOREM and this new head of the educational development. It was therefore necessary for the new objectives to be understood and included by this reorganised team.


The challenges

The main challenges in the meeting activity were the short preparation time (just 4 hours) and in the time management. The large number of participants made the speaking time management difficult too.



An express and immediate interview of Yves Magnan, Head of the educational development of the FOREM

What were your expectations regarding

We wanted to help us to make this new team integrate the stakes and objectives, to create team cohesion and to accompany us in the preparation and appropriation of this day.


According to you, what was the project’s impact on your team?

I think that with such a short deadline, the day was well framed and led. I have the feeling that the impact was positive. We managed to federate around the stakes and objectives that we set. We hope we will make a day like this again in order to better develop the common basis between the departments.


According to you, how was the performance of

The trainer was interesting, he could manage and handle the day without “stealing the spotlight”. He balanced the interventions and the entertaining and educational activities in the training were stimulating and creative.

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