Service public Wallonie: an e-learning platform for the representatives of municipalities and CPAS
Le FOREM: “the entertaining and educational activities were stimulating and creative”

The Gaming Commission: “I appreciated their creativity and management’s quality”

The context?

The Gaming Commission, which is part of the Minister of Justice, wanted to create a training program online for 5000 people working in the game and bet sectors in Belgium.

The project? won the public market to write scripts, create training modules, put the certifying examination online, install and configure the e-learning platform that contains the modules and manages the learner’s accesses securely.

The theme?

The training prepares to the obligatory examination to work in the game and bet sectors in Belgium. The training deals with the 4 following themes: the law, the technical expertise services, the filtering software of players and the players’ protection.

The challenges?

The deadline, the accesses’ security, the online certifying examination.

Challenge faced?

For the safety and introduction of the test, yes!

For the deadlines, not quite… The project took more development time than the very short deadline that we planned.


Express interview of Leo Tubbax:

Leo Tubbax, you are the coordinator of the project within the Gaming Commission. According to you, what was the impact on the target audience?

“A positive impact, especially for a geographically and temporally spread out audience. For people working in 3 teams, for example.”

Was the project internally evaluated ?

“Yes. The conclusions are very positive. We note a reduction of the administrative work, a capacity increase of training and a reduction of the educational effort in a year only.”

And the collaboration with

“I appreciated their creativity and the management’s quality.

I was very pleased to the project preparation, the budget compliance, and more generally the return on investment.”

And to see the result?

You can view the result online: (to access modules, click on the « guest » button).

You can view the “gamer’s protection” module to discover the video made for these modules.